What is Whale Swimming?

Whale swimming is the privilege of observing whales while in the ocean. By contrast whale watching is from a boat. You can read more on Whale Swimming here.

Where is Tonga? And how do I get there?

Tonga is a group of [170] islands in the South Pacific at [18.2] latitude. Read more about this unique country here. Read more about traveling options here.

How much does it cost? What currency is used?

Because strict limitations are placed on numbers it costs $200 Australian dollars per person per day. The Tongan currency is the Tongan Pa’anga or TOP$. Foreign exchange and cash withdrawal is available. Most business do not have credit card facilities.

How large is each group?

A maximum of four people and one guide are allowed in the water at one time. For more information go here.

Do I have to be an expert swimmer?

No. But you do need to be able to swim. We have wetsuits, masks and fins to fit everyone.

Do I need to bring equipment for swimming? What do I need to bring? Is lunch provided?

No. But if you have a favourite diving mask then feel free to bring it along. That also applies to fins. Refer here for more details on what to bring.

 We provide water, drinks and snacks.

I get seasick - can I do this?

Yes although we do recommend taking sea sickness medication and bringing it to Tonga with you. Ideally, you should start taking the medication prior to leaving the dock. We recommend Travacalm HO Tablets which hyoscine hydrobromide  but advise you to seek medical advice before consuming any medication.

How close can I get to the Whales?

 There are strict rules regulating contact and you can get as close as [5m]. See our section on Whale Swimming.

Do I need a Visa?

Many countries do not require visas. Other countries can have their visa issued on arrival. The Tonga Consul website is a valuable resource.

Why are Sundays not available?

By law Whale Swimming and some other activities are not allowed on Sundays.

What are my accommodation options?

There are several hotels and bed and breakfast options. We list most of those options here for you.

Where and what can eat?

There are several options including burgers, pizzas and seafood.