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The Probate Professionals is a law firm dealing only with Wills and Estates.


The Probate Professionals take pride in delivering the best legal service available.

About us

Senior Partner Paul Ryan is a highly respected solicitor and barrister with more than 30 years experience. Paul also lectures in Torts, Contracts, Wills and Estates with RMIT in Melbourne.

Paul Ryan

David Boots is a law and business graduate of Melbourne University. David has a strong interest in Estate disputes. He has worked in England, India and of course Melbourne. David also has a Bachelor of Economics and an MBA from Melbourne University. Contact Details

David the Principal

What our clients say about us



'Thank you for all your help. When I separated I Knew I needed to get a new Will'' - Carol


'The Probate Professionals were fast and efficient and there for me. They took immediate action in starting preparation of my father's Estate.' - Andree

'Courteous and polite. David was just great. These things can be so hard.' - Cecile


'David made me feel so much better about everything' - Eva


'My Husband and I really found The Probate Professionals very helpful. My mother's affairs were in a complete state of disarray before we got their help.'- Joan


'They really made me feel comfortable' - Louise


'The best you could want in lawyers. Probate in just 30 days... incredible.' - Therese



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